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Every year, for decades, I have attended a cookie swap with my neighbors. Though we wave from our driveways during the year, we pour the wine and socialize hard this one night. We all look forward to it with great joy. I sure am going to miss our gathering this year. Bah Humbug to 2020!

In the spirit of my night out with my neighbors and all the delicious cookies, I created the Minette’s Cookie Swap to celebrate with all of you. And everything I bake, I’ll be dropping on doorsteps around my neighborhood to keep a bit of our neighborhood cookie swap alive until 2021.

holiday cookie swap recipes and rules - Minette Rushing Custom Cakes

Please join in the fun…

Cookie recipes perfect for a holiday cookie swap will get dropped in your Inbox for 8 days in a row!

You can sign up for my Cookie Swap right here and see all of this year’s Cookie Swap recipes!

Join me as I bake eight delicious cookie swap recipes and learn my secrets for baking, storing and shipping cookies, too! I hope you enjoy the inaugural cookie swap with my family’s favorite cookie recipes and bring some cheer to your family, friends and neighbors. We will be baking…

Holiday Snowballs

Easy Almond Cookies

Southern Cheese Straws (YUM!)

Pretty Pressed Butter Cookie Pointsettias

Crisp Sugar Cookies

Classic Peanut Butter Blossoms

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Holiday Cherry Slices

Of course, you can always fine the classics cookie recipes on the blog as well such as the only chocolate chip recipe you’ll need or my famous oatmeal cookie recipe.

classic chocolate chip cookies from Minette Rushing
Classic Chocolate Chip Recipe

What Is A Cookie Swap?

You might know this already, but just in case, I should probably share with you what exactly is a cookie swap or sometimes called a cookie exchange. (Here in the South we call it a cookie swap!) In short, a cookie swap is a fast and fun way try and take home lots of different styles of cookies for the holiday season without having to do all of the baking yourself.

A cookie swap is where you get together with your friends, neighbors, family or co-workers and each of you agrees to bake a certain amount of cookies for each person in the group. You then get together and “swap” or “exchange” your cookies and each of you gets to take home a set of the cookies that each person in the group made.

In my neighborhood, we all agree to bake one dozen of the same flavor of cookies for each person in the group. (We like to bake!) So, if you have 5 people in your group including yourself, you’d bake 4 dozen of the same cookies. (You don’t need to bake for yourself, unless you want to, of course.) Once you’re done baking, you pack up your cookies in an individual tray or tin, with one tray or tin for each person in the group.

Then comes the fun, most important, part of the cookie swap – the swap itself! You and your group get together and each person in the group gets to take home a set of cookies made by each person in the group. We like to do an evening celebration with lots of mulled wine and eggnog. But, you could do a cookie swap during the day with the kids, or even have a brunch time swap with coffee.

A cookie swap is fun and festive time that I look forward to every year! I get to go home with 4 dozen cookies that I didn’t have to bake. I get to try other people’s family recipes and favorite holiday cookies. Each year, you know my neighbors are always wondering what delicious cookie recipe I’m going to bring to the cookie swap! (Truthfully, I go for the eggnog and the company!)

Here’s pro cookie swap tip for you. I like to print out copies of my cookie recipe or write it out on a recipe card and tuck the cookie recipe inside the tin. My neighbors always ask me for my recipes, so I like to beat them to it and put the recipe card right into their cookie container!

Join Minette’s Cookie Swap This Year!

Will you join me on this year’s Cookie Swap? Maybe we can’t all be together this holiday season like we have in  years past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share recipes and cookies between pods. Maybe you can bake up a batch cookies to share with your neighbors like I’m doing, or donate your cookies to a group of essential workers in your area. Everyone loves cookies especially this time of year!

Remember, I’ll be sending you all of this year’s cookie swap recipes right to your Inbox, plus share my cookie baking secrets, so don’t forget to sign up for my cookie swap emails right here.

Join Minette’s Cookie Swap right here and see all of this year’s Cookie Swap recipes!

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