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Do you wonder how to pull those petals together to make a realistic bloom? I have the answers! There are some basic rules or formulas I follow when wiring and taping petals together. First, the heavier the flower or petal, then the lower the wire gauge number (lower wire number is thicker wire). The more […]

Sugar Flower How-To Series: Wiring, Taping, Q&A

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Trial and error, many buckets of purchases gum paste and loads of sweat equity brought me to these two recipes. They each serve a purpose in my sugar flower line-up. The Go-To Gum Paste is perfect for deep, rich colors in […]

Sugar Flower How-To Series: My Go-To Gum Paste Recipes

You have seen my posts, I am sure. You do you! Your only competition is yourself. As I continue to grow and learn as an artist and designer, I find myself returning to my passion of sugar flowers. It is why my clients hire me and why wedding planners choose me to be part of […]

Sugar Flower How-To Series: Why I LOVE Sugar Flowers

Geez..January and February 2021 weren’t kidding around. It is cold here in the South! Well, I am not waiting for April Showers to bring May Flowers.  And neither should you.  That is right, I am creating my own sunshine in Savannah and shaking off the winter chill with my six most-requested Sugar Flower How-To Guides.  I am […]


Welcome to the new year and my ten best baking tips to start your year off right! If you’re learning how to bake at home, improve your skills, bake treats from scratch for your family, or finally start your cake business, you’re in the right place. Here are the 10 most important things you need […]

Top 10 Baking Tips To Start 2021 & Bake Like A Pro


The world looks different. I have sat this past week with my thoughts. I want to offer clarity and for me, clarity comes from stillness. Sitting in that stillness, I keep coming back to my “why” for you Simon Sinek why for my business, my blog, and social media. My passion is two-fold for […]

Cake And Covid-19

chocolate cake strawberry buttercream

  Hello!  Welcome to the all new Minette Rushing Custom Cakes. I am beyond excited and a tiny bit terrified (but a good terrified) to launch my renovated corner of the world wide web.   You know that Eleanor Roosevelt saying,”Do one thing that scares you every day.” Well, I have, every day for the past […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya’ll

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