Stress Baking

November is Pecan Season and there is nothing like a Georgia Pecan. And no matter how you pronounce it pecans are a Southern staple. I love to eat them on salads, as a crust for pork, chicken, in trail mix. However, honey, I LOVE to bake with pecans! Shelled pecans are a great staple food. […]

Baking Secrets: How To Toast Your Pecans

The world looks different. I have sat this past week with my thoughts. I want to offer clarity and for me, clarity comes from stillness. Sitting in that stillness, I keep coming back to my “why” for you Simon Sinek why for my business, my blog, and social media. My passion is two-fold for […]

Cake And Covid-19

chocolate cake strawberry buttercream

One day, I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned that brownie mix was on sale at the grocery store. I thought to myself, “what, don’t you know how to make scratch brownies?” She protested that mixes were great (and they are — not gonna lie) because you dump it all in one bowl. […]

Stress Baking Series: The Best From Scratch, One Bowl Brownies Recipe

This guy is the best there is! He has been by my side for three decades and my success is due, in part, to his unwavering support. He never says no. From delivering a cake to building a custom cake stand, to fixing my commercial dishwasher, he is my director of operations. So when, Jim, […]

Stress Baking Series: Two-Bite Mini Cheesecakes Recipe

I get the best recipes from my friends, don’t you? Making something scrumptious from a friend’s recipe makes me feel so happy. It keeps that person close to me and boy, don’t we know how important that is these crazy times. I have spent decades of holidays with my dear friend Diana Teston. This is […]

Stress Baking Series: Buttery Shortbread Cookie Recipe


The past few weeks have been extra busy with postponed weddings. I have so much admiration for the professionalism of my wedding colleagues and the compassion and understanding of my clients. These adorable dog sugar cookies were for the welcome party at Morgan and Rhett’s ocean-front wedding scheduled for last Saturday. My dear friends at […]

Stress Baking Series: Sugar Cookies Recipe


This recipe takes me way back.  Mona was a dear friend of my mother, and her oatmeal cookies were the talk of the town. I remember the neighborhood kids would stop by Mona’s just to see if she had any oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven. The center is perfectly chewy and not overly […]

Stress Baking Series: Mona’s Oatmeal Cookies Recipe


Well, it isn’t quite a snow day (or month or week) but it sure feels like it. What the heck, let’s make snowballs. These cookies are an expected delicacy during my family holiday season but they are always a welcomed surprise throughout the year. Your kids will be rolling them in powdered sugar after they […]

Stress Baking Series: Snowballs Recipe


Our world is topsy-turvy these days, and many of us are finding ourselves at home with lots of time, maybe some kids underfoot and a mild case of anxiety. Let me introduce you to my favorite way to manage uncertainty…Let’s stress bake!  Sure, I create gorgeous custom cakes for a living, but my first love […]

Stress Baking Series: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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