My occasional drink of choice is always a Margarita made with Patron, salted rim, and on the rocks. With guests coming over for a Mexican dinner party, I wanted to serve a cheesecake version of my favorite drink and the Margarita cheesecake cupcake was born. I love cheesecake cupcakes.  Quicker to make, quicker to cool, […]

Patron Tequila Margarita Cheesecake Cupcakes with Pretzel Crust Recipe

This guy is the best there is! He has been by my side for three decades and my success is due, in part, to his unwavering support. He never says no. From delivering a cake to building a custom cake stand, to fixing my commercial dishwasher, he is my director of operations. So when, Jim, […]

Stress Baking Series: Two-Bite Mini Cheesecakes Recipe

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