Cookie Swap: Southern Snowball Cookies Recipe


Today, we are talking snowball cookies. And not just any snowballs, we’re talking Southern snowballs.

Welcome to the first day of my annual Holiday Cookie Swap! I’m so excited to celebrate the holiday season with you and yours by bringing you the best (and my personal favorite) holiday cookies recipes. All of the recipes in this year’s swap are perfect for any holiday cookie exchange, especially the socially distant one you’re hosting with your friends and family this year!

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What Is A Snowball Cookie?

The first recipe up in this year’s cookie exchange: Southern snowballs! Before I get to the recipe, we probably need to talk about what exactly is a snowball and we need to discuss what makes my snowball cookies Southern. In the South where the weather is warm and the sun shines all year long, a snowball is definitely a cookie. But, I understand that in other parts of the country, a snowball might be something else entirely and made of actual snow.

What is a snowball cookie and what makes my snowballs Southern, you might ask?

A snowball cookie is slightly sweet rounded cookie that has been rolled in powered sugar to look like a “snowball.” They are made with a cookie ball of rolled dough that stays in the ball shape when baked. After it is baked, the cookie balls are given a slightly sweet finished when they are rolled in powdered sugar. The powered sugar makes the cookies look like “snow.”

Snowballs are a traditional classic Christmas or holiday cookie. Some cultures call these slightly sweet rounded cookies, Mexican wedding cookies.

The snowball cookie dough is a made with your classic dough ingredients flour, butter, sugar and nuts. Many snowball recipes call for almonds to be the nuts in the dough, but my snowballs are Southern snowballs and in the South we use pecans! A Southern snowball cookie dough is made with flour, butter, sugar and pecans. Southern snowballs are super sweet and more nutty in flavor, which comes from toasting from the pecans.  

Snowball Cookie Recipe

Snowball cookies are an expected delicacy during the holiday season and a welcomed surprise throughout the year.  My mom would make the cookie dough and my sister and I got to shape the balls and then roll them in powdered sugar when they came out of the oven. 

These are wonderful cookies to bake with the little ones. They love to mix and little hands are great for rolling dough balls and then rolling the cookies in powdered sugar once they are baked.

Here’s a pro cookie baking tip for you:

To make your snowball cookies out of this world, be sure to use quality butter like Plugra (my favorite butter) and toast your pecans for intense flavor. (Be sure to visit my cookie baking essentials shop for more of my favorite baking tools and gadgets.)

You can make these cookies ahead of time and freeze. Just be sure to bring the bakse snowballs back to room temperature before you roll them in powdered sugar.

Be forewarned…these little cookie bites of heaven are addicting!

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Cookie Swap: Snowballs




  • Use a good quality butter!  It will make all the difference.
  • Use toasted pecans.  Toasting really amps up the flavor of the nuts.
  • Have butter at room temp.
  • If mixture won’t hold a ball shape, add a few drops of water until desired consistency.
  • The dough can be made ahead of time and frozen.  You can even freeze the balls before baking.
  • The cookies can be baked and then frozen.  Wait to roll in powdered sugar until the cookies are at room temperature.

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