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I love all of the recipes, but I was having a really hard time finding a good red velvet and
yours is worth the price alone!

• recipes that built my business •

-HG Cake Design

I already tried several of the recipes and they are simply the best!!!!
You are an amazing person! Thank you!

• recipeS that built my business •


I finally tried Minette's vanilla cake recipe. It is so simple and sooo YUMMMM! I usually don't each much cake, yes, it is true, but this vanilla cake has me. 

• recipes that built my business •


I used Minette Rushing's red velvet recipe. It's part of her cookbook. It's amazing. It's worth every single penny I spent for it. Jacob specifically requested it. I would say it would hurt my feelings but it didn't. It is better than mine.  

• recipes that built my business •

-laney cowan

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