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It was a pleasure and honor learning from one of the best in the cake business! The experience was perfect! Minette has a beautiful way about her. I felt supported and comforted and not the least bit intimidated. This allowed me to concentrate and get the most out of the class. In order to grow as a cake decorator, I needed to like refine some of my skills. Going forward, my wedding cakes will look more polished and taste more delectable. I gained knowledge and expertise, but most of all the confidence I needed to take my wedding cake business to the next level. When I arrived back home with my beautiful cake, my family was in awe. I left feeling inspired, encouraged, and motivated to get home and "wow" Jacksonville with my new talent!


-Bonnie mann

As a relatively new baker, with a VERY small business, I was reluctant to invest in a cake decorating class at this time, although I SO wanted to do it. My husband insisted that I make the sacrifice for myself and our business. Now, after attending your class, I can happily say it was MORE than worth it! Dare I say, it was a bargain!! I have used every skill that you shared as part of the class and even walked away with numerous tidbits of your baking wisdom unrelated to the workshop. I can not wait to attend another of your classes and can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and techniques!


-lori chivers

What a comprehensive class! Minette takes you through construction, pricing, all the way to optimization of your marketing strategies. Her breadth of knowledge about the wedding industry coupled with her hands-on approach to teaching make it not only a pleasure to take a class from her, but almost a necessity.


-natasha gaskill

If you are thinking about taking this class, don't hesitate. Minette is the best teacher!
You will have a blast and learn a ton. Do it! 

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-callie crumbly stingel

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