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pressed butter cookies with poinsettia and cherry center from Minette Rushing

Cookie Swap: Pressed Butter Cookie Poinsettias




  • Use a good quality butter, it’s the star of this recipe.
  • These cookies keep well in a cookie tin or can be frozen.  To defrost, remove from freezer and let come to room temperature in the freezer bag.
  • What exactly is room temperature butter?  Room temperature butter should hold its shape.  When you stick your finger in it, your finger will leave a dent, but the butter will still be a little cool.  Room temperature butter should not be overly soft or squishy.  I find it best to remove butter from the refrigerator about an hour before I want to use it.  Now if it’s warm-hot in your kitchen, it won’t take an hour.  If your kitchen is cold, it might take longer.  The rule of thumb for me…Press on the butter.  If my finger goes in and leaves an indention but the butter holds its shape, if the butter has a slight coolness about it, then it’s ready to use.  I think the biggest cookie fail has to be using the wrong consistency butter.