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Chocolate Oblivion Torte with Chocolate Glaze

Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte with Chocolate Glaze



  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Use 8” springform pan at least 2 ½ “ high. Line with parchment or wax paper and butter bottom and sides.  
  3. Wrap outside of the pan with 2 pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil.
  4. Use one 10” pan or roasting pan to serve as a water bath.
  5. In a large metal bowl set over a pan of hot, not simmering water (bottom of the bowl should not touch the water) combine the chocolate and butter and let stand, stirring occasionally, until smooth and melted.  (The mixture can be melted in the microwave on high, stirring every 15 seconds. Remove when there are still a few lumps of chocolate and stir until fully melted.)
  6. In a large bowl set over a pan of simmering water heat the eggs, stirring constantly to prevent curdling, and until just warm to the touch.  Remove from the heat and beat with a mixer, using the whisk beater, until triple in volume and soft peaks form when beater is raised, about 5 minutes.
  7. Using a large wire whisk or rubber spatula, fold ½ the eggs into the chocolate mixture until almost incorporated.  Fold the remaining eggs until just blended and no streaks remain. Finish by using a rubber spatula to ensure that the heavier mixture at the bottom is incorporated.  
  8. Scrape into the prepared pan and surround it with 1” very hot water.
  9. Bake for 5 minutes.  Cover loosely with a piece of buttered foil and continue baking for 10 minutes more.  The cake will look soft, but this is as it should be.
  10. Let the cake cool in the pan, on a rack for 45 minutes.  Cover the pan with plastic wrap and refrigerate until very firm, about 3 hours.
  11. TO UNMOLD:  Have a cake plate at least 8” in diameter, covered with plastic wrap.  
  12. Wipe the sides of the pan with a hot, damp towel.  Run a thin metal spatula around the sides of the cake and release the sides of the springform pan.  Place the plastic wrapped plate on top and invert. Remove the bottom of the pan and the parchment. Reinvert onto the serving plate.


Store 2 weeks refrigerated.  Do Not Freeze!

Rose recommends Lindt Courante and Tobler extra bittersweet chocolate for this recipe.  If using Lindt Courante chocolate, add ½ cup (2.25 ounce/66grams) sugar to eggs while beating.  If using the extra bittersweet, add 3 tablespoons (1.5ounces/37 grams) sugar. 

Lightly sweetened whip cream makes a wonderful accompaniment to the torte, as does raspberry coulis.  

I use Callebaut bittersweet chocolate for this torte.  It’s easy to find and I love the taste!