Banana Pudding Dessert Assembly






  1. Be sure to use cold milk.  Cornstarch will not thicken if dissolved in a warm liquid.
  2. Be sure to use room temperature eggs.
  3. The pudding should come to a boil for one minute.  It will be thick.  If you drizzle a spoonful over the pudding in the pan, it will leave a “snail trail.”
  4. Egg whites should be at room temperature to create the most volume.
  5. To make individual servings in mason jars, use 10, eight-ounce jars.  Follow same directions for layering pudding and wafers as above.  I like to use a kitchen blow torch to brown the meringue when using the mason jars.
  6. If you prefer a whipped cream topping, use one pint of heavy cream, add ¼ cup of powdered sugar, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract to a large mixing bowl.  Beat until stiff peaks form.  Top pudding with whipped cream.