Sugar Flower How-To Series: Wiring, Taping, Q&A

Do you wonder how to pull those petals together to make a realistic bloom?

I have the answers! There are some basic rules or formulas I follow when wiring and taping petals together.

First, the heavier the flower or petal, then the lower the wire gauge number (lower wire number is thicker wire). The more delicate the petal, the higher gauge wire number yours. My all-purpose wire gauge is 24-26. I always have it on hand. For heavier petals, I use 22 gauge wire.

As for colors, I prefer light green, especially for darker colored flowers. For leaves and greenery, I’ll go with a darker green and for branches (cherry blossoms, I have brown tape as well. For white flowers, I use white wire. Generally, it doesn’t matter but if you can see the stems in the decor, it is worth paying attention to wire and tape color. Like all things in art, this is really your preference

The blog and my social will have all the tips and tricks and but you’ll find 

The Sugar Flower Series is a collection of 6 of my most-used sugar flowers. You’ll find step-by-step instructions accompanied with close-up images on how to make these gorgeous flowers. These easy-to-follow guide has simple instructions and my top recommendations to create sugar flowers with ease.

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I am going to cover all the basics to get you started and the solve all of your sugar flower snafu’s with my favorite tips to save you loads of heartache!


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