Sugar Flower How-To Series: Dusting, Storing and Tips

Is that really made out of sugar?

I love to answer yes! I delight in client and guest’s amazement and in the art of the creating sugar flowers. It is methodical and artistic all at once. My secret to lush, realistic sugar flowers…dusting. I dust my flowers to add layers of pigment on each petal. The enhanced color adds depth and ensures that your flowers don’t look static.

Not quite sure how to choose colors to enhance shadows and highlights, get yourself a color wheel. This $5 gadget will make choosing complimentary colors a breeze. There is a science behind color and I found this tool invaluable as I played with color, highlights and shadows. Now, I have set formulas for my flowers.

I purchase my petal dust from Flour Confections. Use darker shades for shadows and lighter shades to create highlights. I like to dust the darker dust on the outside and the inside with lighter dust for brighter petal colors. I also recommend watercolor brushes: Royal Soft Grip SG150 10.

For every order, I make approximately 5-10% more flowers than the design requires to cover from breakage. Those additional flowers are not put on the cake instead, they are stored for the next order or any orders required a quick turn around.

The flowers are stored in plastic shoe boxes with the lid you can pick up at Walmart, Target or buy online. Make sure you buy some silica gel packets and toss a few in each box to keep moisture at bay. I also line the box with paper towels or foam depending on the fragility of the flowers. Properly stored flowers will last for years.

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The blog and my social will have all the tips and tricks and but you’ll find 

The Sugar Flower Series is a collection of 6 of my most-used sugar flowers. You’ll find step-by-step instructions accompanied with close-up images on how to make these gorgeous flowers. These easy-to-follow guide has simple instructions and my top recommendations to create sugar flowers with ease including hydrangeas, roses, garden roses, dahlias, peonies and berries.

I am going to cover all the basics to get you started and the solve all of your sugar flower snafu’s with my favorite tips to save you loads of heartache! 


I’ll be going live for your every Wednesday at Noon from February 24 through March 17 on my Facebook page, C’mon In The Kitchen and on instagram. A more in-depth live will happen on the private Facebook group, Sugar Flowers with Minette, for those that purchased a tutorial from the Sugar Flower Series. Here is the schedule for Sugar Flowers with Minette.

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March 10 – Dusting your petals, storing sugar flowers and how many to make; Live dem

March 17 – How to wire and tape petals; placement on a cake; Live Demo


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