Stress Baking Series: Easy White Vanilla Almond Cake Recipe Using Box Mix

My goal with this series wasn’t just to get you in the kitchen baking to take your mind off things. I wanted you to use these baked luxuries to spread some love in these unruly times. All of our celebrations are canceled. No weddings, graduations or birthdays, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t share the love. When I finish baking, I drop these goodies on my neighbor’s porches and text them. I love watching them open the door and smile with delight as I wave from the car. Social distancing doesn’t mean I don’t want to see their joy.

Say hello to Grayson. He is my business partner’s son (you’ll meet her later). He turned 18 on Monday and COVID-19 has wiped his senior year off the map. No soccer state play-offs, no senior trip, no prom, no graduation, and no 18th birthday gathering. While we understand that these are small sacrifices in all of life, I am sure it doesn’t feel small to an 18-year-old….though this Eagle Scout would never admit it.

Grayson on his 18th birthday

I made his first birthday cake, and his communion, confirmation and eagle scout cake. Darn it, I wasn’t going to let his 18th go unnoticed. I baked up his favorite vanilla almond cake with vanilla frosting and made arrangements to have it delivered. He was thrilled and said the cake was the highlight of his “quarantine” birthday.

Vanilla Almond Cake with Vanilla Frosting
Happy 18, Grayson!

I’ll bet there is a celebration coming up for someone you love. Don’t be scared off. This cake begins with a mix (shhh…we won’t tell, if you won’t) and bakes up light and tender with perfectly balanced vanilla notes.

Whether you are a beginner baker who isn’t ready for scratch baking or a seasoned pro this cake will have your guests asking for more.  Come on, let’s celebrate with cake!

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Stress Baking Series: Easy White Vanilla Cake




  1. Colleen Waldorf says:

    Hi Minette – can’t wait to make this recipe this week and try to re-create the almond cake you made for our wedding in 2008! (Not going to come close I’m sure!) I’m wondering if you have an icing recipe you would recommend/share?

    • says:

      Hi Colleen! This recipe is a little different than your wedding cake but I think you will enjoy it! Let me know how you like it. Xo

  2. deborah welcome says:

    is this recipe sturdy enough to be stacked for tiered wedding cake. it is delicous

    • says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you like the cake. Yes, you can stack this cake. The recipe also doubles and triples without problem.

  3. Leslie says:

    Beautifully decorated! Grayson is one lucky young man. Could you please cut a slice for us to see the texture of the cake next time?

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