Cookie Swap: Crisp Sugar Cookies Recipe

Merry merry, friend! We are moving right along in this year’s holiday cookie swap?? Have you been baking your little fingers off? I’m back with a delicious, very addictive cookie that your friends and family will go crazy for at the cookie exchange.

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What Makes The Perfect Sugar Cookie?

I have my friend Chef Darrin to thank for the perfect sugar cookie recipe. Classic sugar cookies were always a little too soft for my tase, but thanks to Chef Darrin, these sugar cookies have the crisp I was after.

The perfect sugar cookies are thin, crunchy delights. These cookies are of Amish origin. You can keep it simple with some raw sugar on top or ice them, like I did to create adorable ornaments.

You don’t only have to make sugar cookies at Christmas either. Whip up a little toasted coconut topping for Easter, or iced lemon or orange for a light summer sweet. The sugar cookie base remains the same and then you can dress it up depending on the season.

If you like your sugar cookies thick and crumbly (who doesn’t?!), you can have it, but my sugar cookies are wafer thin, crispy treats that are a fun change of pace.

Don’t Chill This Dough For The Best Cookies

The bonus is this cookie dough is a delight to work with, as it is easy to roll out. Not only is it a little crisp, but you don’t have to refrigerate the cookie before rolling, like you sometimes have to do with doughs. 

That is right, do not chill your dough for these sugar cookies.

You can freeze these sugar cookies to pull out for a cookie icing party with the little ones which, come on, that is the most fun part!


The Secrets To Crisp Sugar Cookies

The secret to the crispness in a sugar cookie is replacing the granulated sugar with powdered sugar. This sugar switch created all the things I love about sugar cookies with the crispness I was craving. 

Did I mention how easily these cookies roll out?  Like a gentle breeze!

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Cookie Swap: Crisp Sugar Cookies




  • A heavy duty mixer is needed for this dough.
  • Be sure to have all ingredients at room temp.
  • Don’t be afraid to flour your work  surface.  The extra flour won’t hurt the dough.
  • This makes a delicious cookie that holds up well to decorating with royal icing.
  • These cookies can be made ahead of time and frozen.

*This recipe is based on @Katrinaskitchen Sugar Cookie Recipe

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Did You Make These Sugar Cookies?

If you made my perfect sugar cookies, will you leave me a comment and rate this recipe? What topping did you use? Maybe some lemon icing or red and green sprinkles for the holidays?

I’d love to hear from you and have you rate this sugar cookie recipe!

  1. Dawn says:

    I will definitely try these – sugar cookies are our favorites, but since moving to a humid climate they’re always soft the next day. So fingers crossed!!

  2. Kathleen Parker says:

    I gave this 5 stars because it is a Good sugar cookie, easy dough to work with…but NOT crispy. I scooped the dough and flattened before baking

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