Cookie Swap: How To Ship Cookies So They Don’t Break

It’s a break in my holiday cookie swap! Instead of a cookie recipe, this time I’m giving another baking secret from a professional (That’s me!) about how to ship your cookies. This year with the Coronavirus pandemic, holiday gatherings are looking a bit different this year.

Many of you might need to ship your homemade cookies for a virtual or socially distant cookie swap. But, who wants to all of that work to bake the cookies and ship the cookies only to have them arrived broken, smooshed or smashed!? Don’t worry, I’ve got my four best cookies secrets for how to ship your cookie so they arrive safe and sound.

classic chocolate chip cookies from Minette Rushing

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Baking Is My Love Language

Every holiday season is better when we spread love around.  Since baking is my love language, my family and friends will be receiving boxes of baked love to get them through the rest of 2020.

My daughter, Lizzie, lives in New York City.  She has been getting weekly boxes of mom’s love since I haven’t been able to see her courtesy of the pandemic. I want to make sure her favorite cookies and brownies also land in her hands fresh and whole this holiday season. 

I’ve gathered my surefire secrets for shipping your cookies to those you love.


How To Ship Your Cookies So They Don’t Break

  1. Cool your cookie first. Make sure your cookies or baked goods are cooled completely and at room temperature before you try to pack them up or do anything with them. Too warm, frozen, or partially defrosted cookies will add moisture and ruin your cookies in shipping.
  2. Wrap your cookies back to back. For cookies, I wrap them back to back with the flat sides touching. If I don’t have a pretty tin, I put them in a plastic freezer bag. When you’re use a bag, be sure to push as much air out as possible. If you are like my friend, Donna, and have a vacuum food system like Food Saver, go ahead and suck the air out of the package to preserve freshness. 
  3. Use a shipping box. Once you place your cookies in a tin or plastic bag, then you need to place that into a shipping box. I usually use the good old post office ready boxes that are free at the post office. Don’t forget to top off your package with a love note – because, who doesn’t love to get a note??
  4. Pack the cookies tight. Before you seal up your shipping box package, be sure to fill the box tightly around your tin or cookie back. Fill the shipping box with bubble wrap, tissue paper or fun edible surprises like popcorn or peanuts. Your cookies shouldn’t be able to move around at all inside the shipping box. 

The Best Cookies To Ship

The best cookies to ship are hardy cookies that are not delicate or light, so they can withstand bumping on their journey. I like to ship chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and most any cookie with peanut butter. Also, my Souther snowball cookies are great cookies to ship because of their dense texture.

Do not ship anything perishable cookie parts like jelly or cream. 

I hope you enjoy spreading and shipping the cookie love this holiday season!

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Did You Ship Your Cookies This Year?

If you shipped your cookies this year, leave a comment and let me know. How did it go? Do you have any extra tips that I didn’t talk about?

Leave my readers and me a comment, we’d love to hear from you.

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