Sugar Flower How-To Series: Essential Tools

As a baker, you already know the importance of mise en place and I am sure you have your favorite tools. Here are my favorite and essential tools for the creation of sugar flowers. This isn’t everything but this is my base, and I have also included supplies for each particular flower below. You can event purchase directly from the links I have provided (some are affiliates links that I may make a small commission from but most are not at all – they are just tools I use and love.)

  • Balltool: A ball tool is used to thin and soften the sugar petals. My preferred ball tool has a wooden handle and a metal ball.  It should fit comfortably in your hand.  I hold mine like I would hold a pen.  Handles come in varying sizes so be sure to get one that feels good to you. Balls sizes will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  I prefer a medium-large ball on one end and a medium small ball on the other end.  Metal Ball Tool Set A
  • Mini Palette Knife:  I love this tool and use it for may things besides gum paste work.  Kemper mini palette knife 2 5/8” size is my preferred brand. Palette Knife
  • Embroidery scissors:  Small and razor sharp, these scissors are perfect for cutting free form petals. Scissors – 3 1/2″
  • Cel Sticks: This is great for frilling and thinking petals or as a little rolling pin. Cel Sticks
  • Cel Pad:  There are two main types of cel pads.  Both types have a soft side for thinning and softening the petal edges and a firm side which us used to roll the paste on. One is large and has no holes.  Great for working on larger petals and leaves.  The second one is smaller and has two holes.  The holes allow you to make smaller blossom type flowers.  I use both types.  If you can only get one, buy the one with holes.PME Foam & Mexican Pad Set of 2
  •  Celpins:  These miniature rolling pins are made of a non-stick material.  One end is rounded, and the other end is pointed.  They come is several different sizes.  The 3mm x 115mm is the size I prefer.PME Polyethylene Rolling Pin 9″
  • Corn Starch Pouch
  • Shortening


Groove board:  A must have, a groove board is a smooth board with grooves for rolling out petals and leaves.  Invest in a large board.  My very favorite is made by Flour Confections.  It is a 9”x12” board perfect for rolling your large and small petals or leaves. Groove Board – 9″ X 12″

Wire: Imported Paper Covered Wires 14″ Green 26 Gauge pkg 50

Floral Tape: Floral Tape – Light Green 2 Pack. 1/2″ Wide

For Roses (Rose and Garden Rose)

Medium Foam Cones / Buds with Wire – 24 mm (6 pcs)

Large Foam Cones / Buds with Wire – 28Mm (6 pcs)

JEM Easy Rose Cutter 80 mm

Teardrop (rose) Stainless Steel Cutter Set. 12 Pieces

Garden Rose Cutter

For Dahlias

Dahlia Cutter Set of 6 by Minette Rushing

White Floral Wire

For Hydrangea

Hydrangea Cutter Set of 3 by Minette Rushing Custom Cakes

Hydrangea Veiners

For Peonies

Flower Stamens

Buy The Sugar Flower Series Here!

I have always believed that cake is the signature detail in every celebrations.  I mean, for real, we wheel out cakes for special occasions, we gather around them and sing, we place them in the center of the table or room for weddings and celebrations.  Am I right, or what?

No dull decor will do for me…nor, for you.  You can learn how to level up your cake game and use these beauties to adorn a birthday cake, celebration cake or layer them thick to create a luxurious and unbelievable look for your wedding clients.  Guests will be in awe and say, “Seriously, that is made from sugar?” 

The blog and my social will have all the tips and tricks and but you’ll find 

The Sugar Flower Series is a collection of 6 of my most-used sugar flowers. You’ll find step-by-step instructions accompanied with close-up images on how to make these gorgeous flowers. These easy-to-follow guide has simple instructions and my top recommendations to create sugar flowers with ease. Here are my most loved flowers: 

  • Hydrangea
  • Rose
  • Garden Rose
  • Peony (I love peonies!)
  • Dahlia
  • Berries (blueberries, white berries and blackberries)

I am going to cover all the basics to get you started and the solve all of your sugar flower snafu’s with my favorite tips to save you loads of heartache! 


I’ll be going live for your every Wednesday at Noon from February 24 through March 17 on my Facebook page, C’mon In The Kitchen and on instagram. A more in-depth live will happen on the private Facebook group, Sugar Flowers with Minette, for those that purchased a tutorial from the Sugar Flower Series. Here is the schedule for Sugar Flowers with Minette.

Be sure to DM your questions on Instagram or Facebook or email me at  I am here for ya’ll! 

February 24 – Why Sugar Flowers, Tools, Set Up

March 3 – All things Gum Paste with live demo. We will create 2 different types of gum paste; how to store it and how to use it and of course, answer your questions.

March 10 – Dusting your petals, storing sugar flowers and how many to make; Live demo

March 17 – How to wire and tape petals; placement on a cake; Live Demo


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C’mon in the kitchen with me! I am waiting on ya’ll.



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