Cookie Swap: Chocolate Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Welcome back to my virtual holiday cookie swap! I’m sharing my personal favorite cookies recipes, plus my baking secrets from a professional baker (That’s me!) In today’s cookie recipe, I’m sharing a twist on the age-old shortbread cookies…add some cocoa. And I’m upping my cookie game with cut outs of reindeers and stars and a little gold leaf for extra sparkle!


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Always Use Quality Ingredients

Everyone always asks me what the secret to my cookies and Southern desserts. What makes everything you bake so good?? I always say the same thing: it’s all about the ingredients.

Cookie baking secret from the pro: The secret to these cookies and any cookie is using quality Cocoa like Ghiradelli’s for a chocolatey buttery taste. Just like using great chocolate, I advise you don’t skimp on the quality of your ingredients when making shortbread cookies. Using just any old brand of flour, butter and sugar, you will taste the difference with superior ingredients. Always use the best quality ingredients that you can find.

Tips For Making Chocolate Short Bread Cookies

There’s no need to chill this chocolate shortbread cookie dough unless you want to slice-and-bake instead of doing cut outs. (If you’re making slice-and-bake, you’ll need the dough to be firmer, so that’s why you might want to chill the dough.)

These delicious, buttery chocolate cookies are great for rolling out and cutting. Most people cut them out in rounds, but I fell my holiday cookie cutters calling. Some stars and reindeers with a bit of gold for glitz where the perfect choice for my cookie swap trays. (There’s alway pressure in my neighborhood for me to make the best cookies!)

If you’re wondering where to find cookie tools or the edible gold leaf, don’t forget that you can shop my cookie baking essentials anytime.

One or two reindeer may be missing a back leg and I may or may not have eaten said leg. Call it the perks of the job!

Not in the mood for cut-out cookies with cookie cutters? To make slice-and-bake-cookies with this dough, simply, roll the dough into a log, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. Once chilled, cut the cookies into equal slices and bake.

There’s no need to chill the dough otherwise.

Tada! The perfect chocolate shortbread cookies for the holiays!

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Cookie Swap: Chocolate Shortbread Cookies




  • Before mixing, have ingredients at room temperature and the oven preheated.
  • Use the very best cocoa for this recipe.  The chocolate is the star of this recipe.
  • No chilling before baking…you’re welcome!

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