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Do you wonder how to pull those petals together to make a realistic bloom? I have the answers! There are some basic rules or formulas I follow when wiring and taping petals together. First, the heavier the flower or petal, then the lower the wire gauge number (lower wire number is thicker wire). The more […]

Sugar Flower How-To Series: Wiring, Taping, Q&A

Is that really made out of sugar? I love to answer yes! I delight in client and guest’s amazement and in the art of the creating sugar flowers. It is methodical and artistic all at once. My secret to lush, realistic sugar flowers…dusting. I dust my flowers to add layers of pigment on each petal. […]

Sugar Flower How-To Series: Dusting, Storing and Tips

You have seen my posts, I am sure. You do you! Your only competition is yourself. As I continue to grow and learn as an artist and designer, I find myself returning to my passion of sugar flowers. It is why my clients hire me and why wedding planners choose me to be part of […]

Sugar Flower How-To Series: Why I LOVE Sugar Flowers

Are you looking for that perfect gift for the baker in your life? From gorgeous cake stands, handmade linen aprons and custom baking utensils, you and the baker in your life will love my gift collection that any baker would love, even if you’re the baker being gifted. Shop this baking gift:Handwritten recipe tea towelMade […]

Minette Loves: Gifts For The Baker

What makes your holiday cookies even better? Festive holiday cookies cutters and sprinkle mixes, of course. From Christmas trees to stockings to ugly sweaters, you’re going to love my curated collection where to buy holiday cookie cutters and festive sprinkle mixes. Shop this holiday cookie cutter:Ugly sweater cookie cutter setMade by: Sweet Cookie Crumbs************** Happy […]

Minette Loves: Holiday Cookie Cutters & Sprinkles

holiday cookie cutters

If you’re looking for just the right container for your cookie swap treats and where to shop it online, look no further, because I’ve curated a collection of the perfect holiday cookie tins, trays, plates, jars and containers. These festive containers might get more attention than your fresh-baked cookies, plus you’ll need a plate for […]

Minette Loves: Holiday Cookie Tins, Trays & Plates

santa paper plate for cookies

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