Cake And Covid-19

The world looks different.

I have sat this past week with my thoughts. I want to offer clarity and for me, clarity comes from stillness. Sitting in that stillness, I keep coming back to my “why” for you Simon Sinek why for my business, my blog, and social media. My passion is two-fold for wedding cakes and teaching. By sharing my 20-year journey, my hope is to make your journey a little swifter and more surefooted.

We are inching our way to opening weddings. I have been busy this past week participating in the Georgia Wedding Industry Task Force to create operating and opening guidelines to present to the Governor. I wanted to share my thoughts with you here (and my perfect chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream — YUM!).

Coronavirus brought wedding and event business to a standstill with no definitive end. Georgia wedding professionals have lost approximately 360 million in sales since March 13th. It is estimated that over 20,000 weddings have been canceled or postponed between March 13-June 30 and 30,000 weddings are in limbo for the remainder of 2020 due to the lack of clear guidelines specific to weddings. Working together with planners and caterers from around my state, we have crafted what getting back to work might look like.

As I said, we are inching forward. Nevertheless, large weddings have been postponed and I expect to fulfill those contracts in the near future.. this summer and fall and perhaps in 2021.  Protecting my clients, and myself has been my top priority. Here is how I suggest we approach the traditions surrounding the wedding cake.

Displayed wedding cakes might be foam tiers with a cutting section. The actual cake will be in the kitchen and served to guests. Real wedding cakes could have a six-foot circumference around with stanchions or other barriers so guests cannot get near the cake. Couples will cut the cake with guests seated or alone without drawing attention to the event. This is an opportunity to collaborate with caterers on slicing, serving, and presentation of the cake. Upselling that presentation making you and the venue/caterer more money. Dessert or cookie tables will be changed to small plates served to guests individually or family-style or perhaps giving way to cake being the solo dessert.

What are ideas or thoughts do you have around wedding cake traditions or service? How anxious are you to get back to work? And while you think about that…whip up the perfect chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream.

  1. Kimberley says:

    I had my first post COVID wedding shutdown last weekend. I recommended stanchions as a barrier since the wedding cake only served 50. It went great! Happy to see weddings happen again!!

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