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I am not one for social media holidays. However, with hurricanes and a pandemic, I am all for a simple homemade treat and the sugary smells of cookies in the oven. While I make my living and have a passion for cake, cookies are my first love and preferred treat. Like all good things, chocolate […]

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Salted Caramel Sauce in the summer, you ask? Why, yes, I say. There are so so many ways to enjoy salted caramel sauce…ice cream, fruit, cake and of course, simply by the spoonful. No reason to save it for the chilly Fall season. I find that making my own allows me to control the salt […]

Salted Caramel Sauce

Cannoli is a traditional Italian pastry, fried and filled with a sweet cheese filling that has undertones of orange and vanilla. Add chocolate chips to the filling and around the cake and voila! Cannoli cake perfection for a delicious summer dessert. The first time I bit into a cannoli, I knew the lightly sweet flavor […]

Cannoli Cake

It is HOT here in Savannah. The idea of a heavy cake isn’t nearly as appealing as the light, fluffy deliciousness that is Angel Food Cake. So I whipped one up. My friend, Chef Darrin saw my facebook post and challenged me to an Angel Food bakeoff. Chef Darrin is crazy talented but his Angel […]

Angel Food Cake

Born and bred a Southern woman, I appreciate the generations of women who have passed down hospitality, traditions, and recipes. My twenty years as a cake designer, have afforded me my own tribe of Southern food experts including my dear friend, Southern Author, Pat Branning. If you are ever looking for the perfect Sweet Tea […]

Southern Recipes & Friends

I am celebrating the Fourth of July with stars and stripes vanilla cupcakes. These vanilla cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat to whatever you have grilling this weekend. Pair this classic vanilla cake with any frosting but I gotta admit, my faux swiss meringue buttercream is the perfect backdrop to my sprinkles. Oh…sprinkles! As much […]

Vanilla Cupcakes for the 4th

vanilla cupcake

Well, the Best Chocolate Cake is a hit. Let’s take it to the next level, if that is even possible, with Minette’s Chocolate Mousse Cake. Using two layers of the Best Chocolate Cake, Mascarpone mousse, strawberries, and ganache, you can create a dessert cake that your guests will fawn over. You can never go wrong […]

Minette’s Chocolate Mousse Cake

Donna here…Minette’s business partner. I just have to share the first time I tasted this cake. I was at a Wedding Industry event in downtown Savannah and I was pregnant with my son, Grayson, who is now 18. Minette had donated mini cupcakes of her vanilla and chocolate flavors for the attendees to enjoy. There […]

The Best Chocolate Cake – EVER!

The joy of celebrating is the passion behind my cake design business. I consider myself beyond lucky to have a wide circle of colleagues I call friends, and it tickles me pink (see what I did there) to create lovely cakes to mark their milestones. One of my most special friendships is with event designer, […]

Pink Champagne Cake

My children grew up loving desserts. No surprise here, right?  Now that they are grown and on their own, I make sure their favorite dessert is waiting on them when they arrive home for a visit.  Lizzie lives in Manhattan, travels the world, and enjoys good food.  These brownies are her favorite!  Not a traditional […]

Lizzie’s Cake Brownies